June 25, 2009

The Acid Chimp signs off.

It deeply saddens me to announce the passing of The Acid Chimp. He passed quickly in his home of a heart attack at the young age of 37 on June 22nd. Given the birth name of Alan Schafer, he was known by most of his friends as “Big Al”, but in the world of music he was adored globally as “The Acid Chimp”. The future of The Hairball John Radio Show will evaluated over the next couple of weeks, but at this time I morn the loss of a very close friend and genuinely good man.

I miss you Chimpy.
Hairball John

Photo by Carrie Harding


Sleaze Roxx said...

Sad to see him go...good luck with everything in the future.


Anonymous said...

John, we at Stickman Radio are very sad to hear this and send all of our love and support to his family and you. You two have been a staple in the Rock N Roll community and at Stickman Radio forever, and he will be missed.


80's metal said...

you will be in our hearts forever

Chuplayer said...

Oh my goodness... Chimpy was the greatest :(

To The Acid Chimp up in the sky, thank you so much for being such a big part of my music life for many years. I used to rush home, turn down free meals, neglect homework, and call out sick from work just to listen to the show, and you were always one of my favorite parts of it. I'm going to miss you.

To Chimpy's family and friends (and Hairball John!), major condolences to you. I was just a listener to his voice, but you guys were closer to him than any of us listeners. If he gave me so much joy with just his voice and personality, he must have been a good fellow to people who knew him.

If the show should continue (and I hope it does!), there will be big shoes to be filled.

Best of wishes to your wife, too, Hairball John. Cancer has taken too much from too many.

Pure Rock Radio said...

On behalf of myself and PURE ROCK RADIO, I wish to convey my deepest condolences to Alan Schafer's (The Acid Chimp) family, friends and all who knew him. His radio presence and comical quips on the Hairball John Radio Show will be sorely missed. Although I never knew him outside of our partnership with the radio show, I cannot think of the Hairball John show without the fond memory and familiar voice of The Acid Chimp. It sucks that he was taken so young at 37, but I just know that Alan is moshing it up with his new wings and bringing a taste of metal to heaven! We'll miss you Chimpy!!


-Rich Embury
Founder/Program Director

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers, on behalf of everyone involved with the Venom Nation Radio Show go to Alan, his family, and the staff and friends he had on the HBJ Radio Show. The dynamic between Alan and John can never be recreated, and we at VN, as we always have, stand behind you all in any decisions you make. It has been an honor and a pleasure sharing a Pirate airwave with Chimpy....

Steve Kocher
The Venom Nation Radio Show

Anonymous said...

I hope the big man knew how much he would be missed.


Anonymous said...

I am very sad to hear about Chimpy, but at least I know now what he looked like!
He passed away so young, it's quite scary really.

My thoughts are with you and of course his family.
He will be missed by many I am sure.

Take care and hope to talk to you soon and hear some good news from you. :-)

Thinking of you all....

Donna. x

Anonymous said...

OMG, i'm so saddened by this news. I was a listener to the HJRS for the last couple of years and I know Hairball John had to put the show on hiatus for a while b/c HJ needed to devote time to his family during his wife's illness. 37, that's so young! Acid Chimp was a great part of the weekly radio program and when HJ returns to the airwaves the Acid Chimp will surely be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family in this diffucult time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't know what to say..... this is really sad news. The Hairball John Radio Show was the first radio show that I ever got into and it's one of the things that inspired me & made me want to start my own radio show. For that, I am forever grateful. I've been a long time fan and have had the honor of speaking with both John and Alan (the Acid Chimp) on numerous occasions. I'm really sorry to hear about this...this comes as a real shock.

I just want to wish Alan's family and friends all the best...they will be in my thoughts and prayers. R.I.P. Alan

- aXe mAn

Dave Henzerling said...

Deeply saddened by the loss of your good friend, John. I didn't know Al personally, but I think he would've insisted that you continue to bring back the past to kick our ass.

Have strength, brother and let me know if there's anything I can do.

Dave Henzerling

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this .. My sympathies.

Darrell Millar - Killer Dwarfs

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
God bless... Bill Leverty - Firehouse

Anonymous said...


chris said...

John and everyone in the Hairball Nation,

This is truly sad news - surprising, sad, and just sucks! Having worked together with Chimpie on numerous projects, and meeting him when he and John travelled to one of our live events, I can tell everyone that Alan was a class act who took true pleasure in being "the whipping boy" on the HBJ show. We had a fun time poking fun back and forth between their show and ours. It really helped both of our shows keep in the public eye, and really it was the fun nature of what we all do on internet radio.

Chimpy ruled, as did Alan Schafer the man. I'm really sad to see him go.

Enjoy your life today, because if this proves anything, it's that tomorrow might not include you.

Chris Akin

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to heart this. He was very young. My condolences.

Betty Dworatschek
Metal Queen Management
Management, Promotions, Publicity

Woodchipper said...

I was completely shocked by this sad news. Al will truly be missed and this unfortunately is the end of an era. My prayers go out to Al's family as well with Johns.

Anonymous said...

John....I just heard the news about Alan...I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear it. Have always admired and liked you both so much. God Bless

Allee Martell
Purrfect Timing Radio Show Host

Anonymous said...

John ...

Wow ... what a surprise and what a lot for you to be dealing with. I hope things are going OK for your wife.

I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


Roy said...

My sympathy to friends and family.
I'm sure He'll keep Rockin in the Big Sky!

Anonymous said...

On behalf of everyone at ARfm, presenters and listeners, our thoughts go out to Alan's family.

Bro, you will be missed...bigtime!

Steve Price

Hard Rockin 80s said...

To Alan's family and John:

The HR80s community is saddened to hear this tragic news. We will miss the Chimp and send out support and prayers to his family and friends. You are both like family to our station and it's listeners. Your loss is felt by many...Far many than you ever may truly know.

John - is there anything we can do for the family? Are there any memorials or anything they need that we can mobilize our staff/listeners to do?


Revoradio 104.1 Fm said...

Hairball John,

All of us here at Revoradio 104.1 Fm are deeply saddened and shocked to hear about Alan Schafer's (The Acid Chimp)passing.Our condolences to Alan Schafer's family and fiends.It's been an honor Chimpy,you will been deeply missed.

Revoradio 104.1 Fm
2nd To None Broadcasting Network, LLC

Steve said...


We'll be doing a small, tribute (as best we can..) to Chimpy at the beginning of the Venom Nation Radio Show, Saturday, July 4th, 10PM Eastern, 7PM Pacific, on Pirate (KQLZ.org, as I'm sure you know).

IF you'd like to email em @ venomnationradio@live.com, I'll ensure you get a copy of it when we're all through :)

Venom Nation Radio Show

trekman said...

I was so shocked at this news. Of course I only knew him as "Chimpy" through the HBJS. But its so sad. So young. Im sorry John. I know with all you have going on in your life, this only adds to the hardship.

My thoughts and prayers go to Alans family and you.

Hang in there John. Like always Keep Family & Friends close. Were here for you Brother.

John Blanchard (trekman)
Adrian, Michigan

Nicvanhalen said...

Wow, this caught me off guard. I was a deep fan of the Chimpy, he was awesome. His humour and good energy was fantastic. I can't remember an episode of the HBJRS in which I didn't laugh like hell!!! RIP Chimpy, I'll miss you.

Nic from Colombia!

Anonymous said...

It saddens me to say goodbye to another radio friend.Our thoughts and prayers go out to John and The Chimps Family.

We will miss you Bro...

1019foxfm said...

R.I.P Chimpy!!

We will miss you here at Fox FM you were truly one of a kind.

We are by your side John and if you ever need anything, let us know!

Fox FM
Internet Rock Station

Anonymous said...

Dear John,
My heart goes out to you and Alan's family and friends. I love Hairball John Show and will miss it terribely but I also would understand if you could no longer do the show. You all will be in my thoughts and so will Alan AKA Acid Chimp. You will be missed.

Long Live Metal,
Dawn MCGroarty

Anonymous said...

Just awoke from last nights gig to your email. No words I have are going to adequately express my sympathy; both Dave & I have nothing but great fun memories of listening & participating in the HBJ shows with you guys. We are honored & thankful for your praise & friendship, & Al will be remembered & missed. Be well, carry on & reach out to me anytime.
Robert Mason - Warrant/BC/Lynch Mob

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. There aren't enough good guys left in the music business so we can ill afford to lose one, especially so early in life.
Sending thoughts and prayers to you and to Alan's family,
Danny Vaughn - Tyketto

AndrewaXe said...

Wow, I can't believe it...this is extremely sad news... Really sorry to hear about this.

Been a fan for a long time, I just want to wish his family and friends all the best...they are in my thoughts and prayers.

R.I.P. Alan, you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

OMG, John. I am so sorry to hear that. Take care, my friend. My thoughts are with his family.

"ONE MAN" MIke Dell

Curtis said...


More memories of Big Al here

Love you Al Man!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, that sickens me to hear this news, only 37...frickin Scary John...bad news everywhere anymore, my moms husband just found out he has Cancer and it's worse than they thought, they start Kemo within a week...I really Hope God can keep us all strong Minded through these Hard times of Loss/Potential Loss, tough enough trying to Make ends meat here at home let alone the stress of illnesses of loved ones and friends, give the family my Condolences, hope alls ok with you also up there in Michigan.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad to hear the news of our brother in metals passing.

Patricia Metal Goddess Kellogg

Anonymous said...

DANA STRUM - Slaughter

Anonymous said...

Hey Hairball. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and Chimp's family in this tough time. May he R.I.P.

Fred 'Rock n' Roll' Savage

Anonymous said...

So very sorry! All my best! Waynie

Anonymous said...

So Sorry to hear about your öoss, John
Hope you decide to continue what you do so well in the future
The Acid chimp would probaby agree....

All my best and to the family and friends

Andrew Elt - Sleeze Beez

Carrie said...

John - thank you so much for putting out a tribute to our friend. I am overwhelmed by his popularity and success since leaving Michigan. I am still in shock and will miss him terribly. I am so glad he found his calling and had such great friends. His service was beautiful and held on such a beautiful sunny day with those who loved him all around. I will pray for all who loved him and especially for you and your wife. Great to finally meet you and please take care!

Carrie Harding

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of the Acid Chimp, he will be missed. My condolences to his family, as well. 37 is far too young, and he had a lot more to achieve.

Take care, and keep up the great work, as The AC would have wanted it that way.


Mark DeVito
Metal Babies

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that.
I've enjoyed the show.
- Jeff

Anonymous said...

It is strange how you can be so close to someone you never have personally met . . . losing Al reminds me of the day Eric Carr died and I was really sad though I had never met him. "Chimp", like Eric, had such a warm personality you felt like you went to highschool with him or had known him since kindergarten. His juvenile humor and passion for this music made us all feel 15 again, like discovering this side of our psyche for the very first time. Al never made me feel like an outsider to the show, taking his personal time to email and call me when I had troubles with the blog service or needed entries deleted or edited. His infectious cheerfulness and high energy will be sorely missed.

Philip B. Atkinson

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about Alan's passing at such a young age. Life doesn't seem fair sometimes.

My thoughts go out to his family and you John at this difficult time.

I hope all things considered, you are managing to cope and doing OK.

Take good care,


dinka said...

I'm suddened by the news.
Hugs to all friends and relatives from Hungary,

Anonymous said...


My condolences to Alan and his family.

That photo illustrates what life's really about. Sad...37 is way too young to go.

I enjoy your radio show via Stickman and hope to have you back on the air soon.

Let's hope & pray the rest of 2009 and beyond are better times.

Anonymous said...

Hi HBJ, This is really sad and shocking news. As you know, I listened to the show every week for 4 years.
Chimpy will be missed terribly.
Hope you are OK.
My thoughts are with you.

Rockbabe x

Anonymous said...

From Hairball John:
I found this in the archives and thought I would share it here. In July of 2008 The Acid Chimp went it alone while I was down with some kind of bug. Al was VERY self conscious about doing the show on his own and found the following forum post to be very comforting. He loved to reference this post whenever I threaten to replace him with a masturbating kangaroo.

Original post from July 21, 2008

I dont know about the rest of you, but for me WOW what a difference the show is without John!!

Me Likey!!!!

Way to go AC!

If you missed this show, be sure to catch it on Saturday morning...Acid Chimp is ripping it up without Hairball John!!!!

Brett said...

Wow John. It is always terrible to lose someone so young. I would run into Al every now and then and he was always willing to chat. Super nice guy.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the sad news. I understand how you feel.

best wishes
Herman Rarebell (Scorpions)

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the Acid Chimp's passing.
He will always be in good thoughts.
- Steve Lynch (Autograph)

Anonymous said...

Holy shit dude! I'm so sorry.
- Bob

Anonymous said...

We are very sorry about your loss.
with sympathy

Your friends Loren & Warren
Heavy Metal Radio

rattgirl said...

John, I am so sorry. My heart goes out to AC and his family. Good luck to you and your wife. I hope the Hairball Nation will live on, but if not, it sure was a great ride.


Anonymous said...

Hey John, Sorry to hear of your loss. You and Al's family will be in my thoughts.

Sweet Cheater

Anonymous said...

'm very sorry to hear about this great loss to the HairBall Nation... Heaven is rocking a lot louder and prouder now that "The Acid Chimp" has arrived.

All the best,

Erik Turner (Warrant)

Jay Randall said...

We're sad to hear about the loss. AC was a great part of the show and a great part of many people's enjoyment of the metal you play. You all have our deepest condolences and our best wishes to your families.

Jay Randall
WKQZ-FM 93.3

Jay Randall said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

A very sad news for us....We can't believe that Chimpy is not with us anymore...
We send our prayers to The Acid Chimp's family and friends.

He will be always in our hearts!

Kiril & Desi
Fan Rock Radio

Anonymous said...

That's a shock to read about, because he was so young.
My deepest condolences to your good friend, buddy and co-host Big Al.
He will be missed! God bless him and you John.
Our thoughts our with you from Silent Rage and myself...hang in there.

Kindest Wishes,

Jesse Damon - Silent Rage

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Big Al. My condolences to you and Al’s family and friends.

Take care and stay in touch.


Chris Case,
President, RCD Music Ltd. (www.rcdmusic.com)

Anonymous said...

Metallica - Master of Puppets

I this ones for you Acid Chimp!!
Rest in Peace and keep headbanging!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow....thats terrible...thoughts to his family...way to young to die...

RIP Acid Chimp


Bradley said...

John, my deepest sympathies go out to you and his family and friends. We'll never forget his humor and unique and endearing voice.


KQLZ PIrate Radio said...

Here at Pirate Radio we are all very saddened by the news of Alan, The Acid Chimp's passing. Thanks Chimpy for all the years of smiles, laughs, and great music. You will most defiantly be missed.

Anonymous said...

dude my deepest condolences. It's been a rough year for you....I know my opinion doesn't matter...but i hope the show will go on....i wish i could help out in some way...Keep rockin Bro

Anonymous said...

VERY sorry to hear about this.

Stevie Rachelle - Tuff / Metal Sludge

Anonymous said...

This are very sad news. I will allways remeber you. Thx for many shows on the side of John. R.I.P. Acid Chimp!


Anonymous said...

Extremely sad news. Thoughts and prayers going your way...

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the sad news.........My thoughts a prayers go out to Chimpy and his family.

If the Hairball John show ever goes on the air again, I would love to be a part of it and would help out any way I can.

Buffalo, N.Y.

Anonymous said...


From all of us at pirate, tonight we all did a short tribute to Alan, and all of us, around the world, raised a glass in his honor. This link is a screenshot of Pirate-Chat...from this evening during my show. Originally we intended for everyone to change their status to "Sad", but instead everyone changed their status to a "happy" status, because we know how he lived...we know how he worked..and we know where he is now..

Just a small tribute, the only way we knew how.


Steve, The Venom Nation Radio Show

Anonymous said...

I am truly saddened to hear about Alan's untimely death. As a station owner who carried The Hairball John Radio Show, I was in contact with Alan on a regular basis. What a fine young talent snuffed out early in his prime. All of us from The Rocket will miss Alan Schaffer, may Alan Rest In Peace.


Anonymous said...

That is a shame i hope john stays on the air - Robert

Anonymous said...

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